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Tankless Hot Water
Heater Installation

Heating water for household purposes accounts for roughly 30% of residential energy expenses. Installing a tankless hot water heater can provide significant energy savings, as it operates only when you need it. Tankless water heaters are used to heat water, but they do not have a central reservoir where hot water is stored. These systems take up less space than a full water heater, while also providing an unlimited supply of hot water that lasts significantly longer than traditional water heaters. Installing a tankless water heater costs more upfront than a traditional water heater, but it could be beneficial for many homes across Charleston.

What To Consider Before Installation

Before installing a tankless hot water heater with Fogel Services, you may need to make upgrades to a current gas line and install an extra ventilation system to protect the water heater. The size of your home also plays a role in how quickly water is delivered to each faucet. This system conserves resources in smaller homes, which helps minimize utility expenses while improving access to consistently warm water. To install a tankless hot water heater with Fogel Services, contact our team.